Spotlight on: Josh Chapman Gardens

It was thanks to young garden designer Josh Chapman’s award-winning garden at the RHS Tatton Park show earlier this year that Bert & May’s co-founder Lee Thornley knew he would be a suitable candidate for designing the Bert & May garden at Decorex International (20-23rd September).


P is for Portable

Modular and portable design and construction received another boost over the summer – in the hotel sector.


The Luxe Studio

With tiny and studio spaces no longer a poor man’s option – a recent Times report suggests studios are on the up thanks to increased floor size, increased spec and relative affordability – small spaces have rid themselves of the spectre of the dodgy bedsit.


Watery Weekends

Bert’s Barge is now available to rent overnight – giving you the chance to try-before-you-buy, or just stay somewhere nice and a little bit different on the river in London. As the popularity of water-based living increases here are some of our other favourite watery places to stay c/o Airbnb.


Slow Design

Two stand-outs of Laura Fulmine’s interior styling of Bert’s inaugural Barge include one of Larusi’s original vintage Azilal Moroccan rugs, and its new but beautifully soft 100% linen UK-made bedlinen. Both are sourced by London-based Moroccan owner Souad Larusi.


Divide and Conquer

Creating spaces within spaces – especially when those spaces are small – has always been an interior architecture issue. As open plan layouts fall out of favour somewhat because of noise issues and lack of privacy, dividers are becoming more and more relevant to architectural planning.


An Interview with Laura Fulmine

Laura Fulmine, über-stylist and mastermind behind Bert’s Barges interiors reveals her design preferences…


Green Housing

I’ve been lucky enough to live in a Span housing development before. Built largely in the London suburbs and leafy Surrey in the post-war period, and designed by architect Eric Lyons as a Modernist-inspired family-friendly suburban housing type, these houses prove that 60s and 70s builds don’t have to be unattractive.



My next house – whatever it may look like – will have one definite feature. It will be painted black.


An interview with Lou Davies

Jenny Dalton gets to know the architect behind Bert's Boxes


Bert goes to Clerkenwell

Bert and May Spaces launch at Clerkenwell Design Week


Thinking outside the box

As a lawyer, I felt obliged to write something which is useful and semi legal (please stay with me). We’re inundated with rhetoric from political parties on the need to build more homes, in particular the necessity for more “ affordable homes”… which sounds very obvious, but what if the solution was less obvious?


Not just another First Time Buyer

Living in a big city like London often makes people intent on proving their originality of thought in order to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is the way we look, dress or spend money; most of us are on a mission to prove our individuality in some way.


Barge Living

My partner got ridiculously excited about the prospect of living on a boat when Lee first mooted his idea of a Bert & May design barge. He is a water person, he proposed to me on a boat (The Hispaniola on the Thames), and it seemed like the perfect solution for our current housing dilemmas, which probably mirror many other people’s too.